The Elder Scrolls: Return.

Cyrodiil Reborn

“All the Saints have fallen, all the gods are dead. This plane is dust and we have no more need of heroes. Still they will come, with tooth, and claw, and sword. There are none who will leave us and let us fade. For that I hate them and love them both.” – Shulus Indoril, The Last Ashlander

The Empire of Tiber Septim has fallen, and the Mede dynasty has built it again from the ground. Empress Adelpha Mede I rules from the White-Gold Tower and looks enviously at half a world now lost to her people. The twin nations of Elsweyr and the Argonians of Black Marsh pay their tribute to the Aldmeri Dominion in practice if not in name. Skyrim and Hammerfell, betrayed by the Empire, fight together against any who would encroach on their traditions. The once-proud province of Morrowind has been dismantled; the south controlled by Black Marsh, the rest of the mainland desolated, and the island of Solstheim claimed by the Nords.

In the year 4E 273, Tamriel is a place of decay and strife. Days of glory are long-since passed, and instead warlords who call themselves Empresses and High Kings battle over the remains. All seek to improve their own lot while staving off the entropy which has afflicted them.

The Imperial City and the White-Gold Tower shine brighter and prouder than most, but that is only because the stones from which it is built are scrubbed clean to hide the corruption that lives within. It is a city of crime like any other, but only the baleful light of two dead moons truly sees what happens within.

This is where two unlikely prisoners have found themselves, mysteriously freed from an uncertain fate. What the gods have in store for them can only be guessed, but in the meantime, they have fortunes to make and lives to build.

Photo by Usonian

The Elder Scrolls: Return

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